Writing, worldbuilding, and mapmaking were my first great interests. Architecture, geometry, and geography quickly followed. It wasn’t until I played my first video game that I realized I could dabble in all of these areas at once.

Game development quickly became a defining part of my life when I began modding in Morrowind and Age of Chivalry. It was an infinite, creative outlet.

My basic process involves learning and researching, then building, and failing, and building again. It’s a personal fulfillment to watch a project grow over time, bearing all of its mistakes, corrections, and lessons learned right there in its DNA.

I am a storyteller. I tell stories through environment and through gameplay because it is the only creative process that ties together my strengths and passions. Level design especially requires input from every discipline of game development, and that is where I work most comfortably.

I pride myself on a strong creative intuition and a passion-driven work ethic. I’m addicted to detail, yet always keep in mind the gestalt of the cohesive whole. And I revel in the joys of discovering new knowledge, and working with other bright individuals through brainstorming, research, and discussion.

Apart from making/playing games, I enjoy fitness, photography, and nature.