A turn-based competitive tactical RPG where players control opposing teams of characters that rapidly evolve over the course of the battle.

   – From scratch, C

   – Level Design

   – 1 week

   – 6 members










BetaShift was a turn-based tactical RPG programmed in C and drawn to the console. I approached the lead designer and joined late in its development, building a large amount of levels in a week’s time. I had to solve the complex problem of creating simple, two-sided arena multiplayer maps that evoked the interrelated mechanics in the game such as Knockback, Lava Tiles, and different Character Movements. Each level was made in a text editor, except I had to account for multiple 3D layers and unique environmental objects. It was a challenging experience with a unique approach, and my levels ended up being celebrated as the best the game had to offer.

Level Screenshots