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Chimera is a top-down shooter in which the player defends a central base.

   – Zero Engine
   – Scripted in Python

   – 4 weeks
   – Finished February

   – One member







Chimera is a 2D top-down shooter centered around defending a base. The player pilots a small ship and is tasked with the mission to protect the base ship as it travels through a dangerous asteroid field. As asteroids are destroyed, the player collects minerals which upgrade the player’s abilities as more minerals are collected over time.

Asteroids appear through a wave-based system, and the ship’s health regenerates with each collected mineral that the player feeds into it. As the base ship’s health decreases, the speed of the asteroids decreases as well.

This game and its art asset library was also the inspiration for a later project I made.

Skills that I learned or practiced included:

  • Weapons/Ability design
  • Wave-based encounters
  • Pacing curves

Looking back, I would change the following:

  • Decrease the overall amount of asteroids that appear
  • Recalibrate the end-game upgrades as they are too weak and unsatisfying