A 1-4 player racetrack game themed around time travel.

   – 2 Weeks
   – Finished April 2011
   – Solo Project

   – Ages: 13+
   – For 1-4 Players
   – 15-30 Minutes

   – Competitive race game
   – Card effects
   – Global timer







Chronometry is a 1-4 player racetrack game where each player represents a separate timeline of the main protagonist. His goal is to stop an assassin from going back in time and killing his grandfather. To ensure his success, he has split off in 4 separate timelines (one for each player of the game) in multiple attempts to save himself.

As the players move ahead, they may encounter disastrous card effects, paradox clones, or the assassin himself. Specific card effects can be stored for later use, or used aggressively against an opponent.