dramatic shapes: THE RPG

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dramatic shapes: THE RPG is a short parody-game of typical RPGs themed around a cynical webcomic I used to write.

   – Zero Engine
   – Scripted in Python

   – 4 weeks
   – Finished May 2012

   – One member







I used to write a webcomic called dramatic shapes. It was silly, cynical, and self-aware. So I made a 10-minute RPG with the same qualities.

The game is largely a parody of typical turn-based RPGs, with the slightly depressive, slightly self-deprecating mood instilled in the comic. Mechanics are nonsensical, and somewhat designed to be either ineffective or directly correlated with a certain character. The combat system is a string of dialogue that the player can navigate successfully through, although comical and satirical in nature. The overworld is a parody unto itself, as the ultimate goal mimics the comic’s hopeless nature and most combat scenarios can be skipped entirely.

Fans of the comic greatly appreciated the game, as it correctly portrayed the characters I created into a digital, interactive form.