Showdown at Westwood

Download Showdown at Westwood

Showdown at Westwood is a 2-player strategy game with area denial and capture mechanics.

   – Zero Engine
   – Scripted in Python

   – All art/game design
   – All code

   – 4 Weeks







Showdown at Westwood was a full analog-to-digital conversion that took me 4 weeks to create. The game is a two-player strategy game focusing around area denial and spatial mechanics.

The game’s simplicity as a paper game exploded into a mountain of complex work for the digital conversion. Establishing rules via code that were merely sentences in a rulebook was a challenging yet rewarding experience.

The analog version went through several design overhauls as past iterations were deemed overscoped and out of the limitations for a 2-week project. Ultimately, a simple 10×10 grid replaced a sprawling open field and mechanics were inspired by the simple-yet-complex board game Go.

This project was unique and fulfilling. Key things that I learned or practiced included:

  • The analog-to-digital conversion process
  • Writing paper rulebook logic as code
  • Integrated tutorials & the conveying of complex information through infographic
  • Usability / readability in game mechanic, player feedback, and color choice