The Island

A tabletop simulation for corporate group exercises.

   – 6 Weeks
   – Finished May 2012
   – Solo Project

   – Ages: 16+
   – For 3~5 Participants
   – 2~4 Hours

   – Team-building
   – Coworker Appreciation
   – Roleplay

The Island is a tabletop simulation intended for corporate group exercises. Three to five participants (either new employees or members of a team within the company) would gather around a table and be led through an experience very similar to tabletop roleplaying games. The scenario involves the participants roleplaying and ultimately attempting to survive together through a shipwreck, isolation on a desert island, and rescue.

The purpose of the simulation is to teach key concepts called Terminal Learning Objectives, or TLOs, to the participants. These TLOs include: Leadership, Communication, Group Decision Making, and Teambuilding.

The role of the Facilitator is similar to a Game Master. He or she would preferably be a third-party consultant hired outside of the corporate environment, and would be skilled in team intensives and group exercises. The participants would head into the simulation blind, but would receive a debrief at the end of the training session.



Important skills that I learned or practiced included:

  • Simulation concepts: simulation of life, adherence to reality, extracting gameplay out of realism
  • Flexible rule systems & the power of roleplaying
  • Differences in teaching multiple player roles (Player vs. Facilitator)

Looking back, I would have changed the following:

  • Design the experience from the very moment the participants enter the room to the very moment they leave
  • Better handling of edge cases (disruptive or cynical participants)
  • More substantial materials and production quality