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A fast-paced open-world platformer with an emphasis on freedom, flight, and flow.

   – From scratch, C++

   – Mission/Level Design

   – 12 months

   – 10 members







Tradewind is a 2D open-world platformer that emphasizes on freedom, flight, and flow. In the game, the player accomplishes objectives using a jetpack to get around a city of networked airships.

The game and its team encountered a lot of unfortunate setbacks during development, including engine limitations that resulted in a slower content pipeline, and an over-scoped design that resulted in a product that should have spent a few extra months in development. Despite the year-long struggle, the project was a fantastic learning experience, and I would gladly work with anyone from the project again.

Skills that I practiced included:

  • Open-world level and mission design
  • Multidisciplinary team cooperation and communication
  • Creating a project-specific level design process
  • Usability testing and working with custom tools and editors
  • Project scoping

Looking back, I would change the following:

  • The game would have been more successful as a linear platformer, not open-world
  • Request tool features earlier and faster
  • Significant UI, UX, usability, and player feedback improvements
  • Scripting support would have allowed more freedom and speed