Westwood: The Yellow Rose

A tabletop RPG combat experience.

   – 6 Weeks
   – Finished March 2012
   – Solo Project

   – Ages: 16+
   – For 2~4 Players
   – 1~2 Hours

   – Multiplayer
   – Combat
   – Roleplay







The Yellow Rose is the introductory scenario I created for my tabletop RPG system called Westwood (inspired by themes from another game I made and by research I had previously done). The project took 6 weeks to create and went through many iterations.

The systems I created were simple in their effectiveness, so most of my energy and focus went into worldbuilding. I wanted to create a realistic, fun, and living world that would be experienced by players through the imagination and theatrics of the Game Sheriff, or Game Master, who leads Westwood’s bounty hunters through an adventure. The game’s feel is emphasized through environmental exploration, story progression, and mechanical immersion (in other words, that feeling players get when they slap some whiskey on a gunshot wound and get HP back).

Important skills that I learned or practiced included:

  • Systems design & balance
  • Worldbuilding
  • Flexible rule systems & the power of roleplaying
  • Differences in teaching multiple player roles (Player vs. Game Master)
  • Setting the tone & theme of an experience through game bits, flavor text, game mechanics

Looking back, I would have changed the following:

  • De-emphasize combat as it turned out to be slightly less interesting than exploration
  • Strip parts of systems in favor of more theatrical moments (Rigid combat systems vs. Exploration, Characters, Mood)
  • More substantial player rewards to support autonomy and purpose
  • Grant players immediate “mastery” to stress their fictional role as seasoned Bounty Hunters