You Got the Bow!

You Got the Bow! is a 2D platformer with bow and arrow mechanics.

   – Zero Engine
   – Scripted in Python

   – All art/game design
   – All code

   – 4 Weeks







You Got the Bow! was a solo project I created in 4 weeks. In the game, the player utilizes bow and arrow mechanics to bypass obstacles and navigate through the level.

At first, I had planned for a multitude of levels and obstacles, but in the end the game had to be scoped down to a singular, thoroughly tested, level.

Due to the nature of the mechanics relying on real-time physics, each obstacle was meticulously crafted and reiterated upon until the expected outcome for a new player’s experience was achieved for every obstacle.

If I could change anything, I would have removed the “Arrow Score” mechanic and kept the game simple and exploratory.