Skyrim: Zarkunhall

Skyrim mod that employs interesting AI companions.

   – Skyrim Creation Kit

   – Level Design, Gameplay

   – 1 week







Zarkunhall, an old Dwemeri ruin, lies beneath the snows of Skyrim. A cave-in has caused a breach between Zarkunhall and a nearby Draugr tomb. The undead have flooded into Zarkunhall, activating its latent security measures in the form of countless guardian drones.

Zarkunhall was a 1-week mod experiment for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The goal was to learn and use a new editor as quickly as possible, while still adding new gameplay using AI systems, and elaborating on Skyrim dungeon design by adding three-dimensional depth using catwalks and vertical combat.

Zarkunhall introduces friendly Dwemeri constructs whose only purpose is to destroy the invading Draugr and protect the ruins. Dwarven Spiders and Centurions will follow the player and fight for him or her, and Dwarven Spheres will patrol a set route.